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    Plan Advice...

    Hi all,

    I just signed up with one of the higher rated resellers recommended here at WHT. I'm not really looking to make major big money..but if it comes along one day ...

    My main reason was for my personal website - had a Ioncube problem with previous host. So I'm thinking why not get a reseller account and give it a go. Get my site running and maybe make a few bucks also. I am a sysadmin/network engineer for government transportation agency managing Linux/Win2k boxes -SONET, CCTV , phones..etc..I have the techincal background, but no clue on reseller packages. I know from work related issues about drive space/bandwidth but I'm in contol!

    Here is a different story. I grabbed a reseller account for 19.95 -Monthly - 4GB HD @ 60GB BW.

    Would someone be kind enough to give me a sample plan using the above data. I am leary about overselling and would rather upgrade. But what could I safely do with a basic package like this.

    Thanks much...


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    It all depends on your target market. Here is one to start you off on a non WHT market....

    Disk Space: 200MB
    Transfer: 10GB
    Price: $9.99/mo.
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