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    What are multiple domains in cPanel???

    When you see a cPanel system offering it's hosting accounts "host multiple domains" is that the "additional domain" function in cPanel or something more.

    I know the additional domain function sets one up to resolve to a directory. When someone gets a cPanel account that says they can host 3 Additional Domains is that what they mean?

    Does the account have to be a "Reseller account in cPanel in order to actually setup a true separate domain with a cPanel of it's own?

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    You need to have a reseller WHM, to setup multiple domains for your hosting account ( We should better say, reseller account) .
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    I beleive what you're reffering to is Addon Domains. When people say Host unlimited domains or host 5 additional domains, they mean that on top of your normal domain, you can add another domain to your account and give it access to a subdirectory as well as an FTP username and password. You can also setup pop accounts against that domain and create subdomains under it. It basically allows someone who manages multiple websites the ability to manage them all under one control panel.

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