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    Do not sign with Hostik

    A few months ago, I saw some people wondering about Hostik, as a new provider it wasn't very well known and their offer looked interesting.

    I signed for one of their dedicated servers, running Windows Server 2003 and with 3000 GB data transfer a month.

    The offer specified that the network connection was 100 Mbps uncapped bandwith.

    Before signing up, I specifically gave them the bandwith needs of the site (with peaks of 40 Mbps but normally a lot of less than that).

    Well, yesterday, the site went down, not just my server, their entire network. When I contacted technical support they didn't know what was going on or when it would be fixed.

    Funny, today I got an email congratulating me for how succesful the site is, and because I am over 4 Mbps, then they want me to buy dedicated bandwith of 2Mbps.

    I was paying $179 /month, the dedicated bandwith costs $190 a month.

    Now, I asked them, how they say they offer 100 Mbps and moan about 4 Mbps, they said the problem is that my server is continously at those number.

    But then I told them they offer 3000 GB data transfer a month, they argue that's a different thing, but it really isn't.

    If my server has 4 Mbps, every single second in the month, my TOTAL data transfer would be around 1.2 GB, how how can I reach 3000 GB if they capped it below 1.2?, Sure, if I buy dedicated bandwith I can go over that but then it's not 3000 GB for 179, but for 369.

    Of course my phone calls were useless, they were even rude telling me that I have been calling all day, which is a lie because I only called twice.

    It's suspicious this came after their network crashed, so if my site was able to crash their entire network, they are not very reliable are they? what are they using? D-link switches?

    It does seem as a host working off a basement, they are rude and they outright lie, and their technical personnel is incompetent.

    so, stay away from them, believe me, it's worth paying a little more and not ending up cheated by your host.
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    Sounds like they're making a nice huge profit.
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    You're a couple decimal places off, the BW would be like 1265 GB / mo, but still way under what they say you are allowed. Sounds like they swindle people though, thanks for the heads up.
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    So this "attack" they mentioned below was your server hogging the bandwidth? Shame on you!

    I finally canceled this server today and am asking for a full refund in accordance with their 100% uptime guarantee. See my other post.


    You are now chatting with: 'Tim'
    Tim: Hello Mark A., how may I help you today?
    You: Do you know if your data center is experiencing network issues?
    Tim: We just were. It is back right now.
    You: Our server at *.*.*.* is unreachable. Traceroutes
    end at *.*.*.*
    You: Can you share with me what the problem is and what is being done to prevent it in the future?
    Tim: it was just a glitch, but it is gone. The network is still being monitored.
    Tim: it was just a glitch, but it is gone. The network is still being monitored.
    Tim: Right now, I can't reach your server, do you want us to reboot it?
    You: We've been noticing these 10 minute glitches about every other day.
    You: I can reach it. Please don't reboot it.
    You: It has been network problems anyway. A reboot wouldn't help.
    Tim: it is not that frequent. there is something attacking the core switch, we are continuing to work on eliminating it. We are in the process of bringing up a new core switch, but it is not yet online.
    Tim: ok
    You: okay. thank you for the further explanation. goodbye.
    Tim: You’re welcome.
    -Mark Adams - Secure Michigan web hosting for your business.
    Only host still offering a full money back uptime guarantee and prorated refunds.
    Offering advanced server management and security incident response!
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    just another small guy trying to make a living with some serious overselling...
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    Hmm, that is very bad. I thanks for the heads up, as well that seems very bad. If you get a refund... Very good, if not i'd dispute it.
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    Why would he dispute it?
    I assume he was paying monthly, perhaps to dispute this single month would be one thing but they're still providing him the service even if it is run from a basement (sadly) or anywhere for that matter.
    Web hosting by Fused — For businesses with more important things to do than worry about their hosting.
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