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    I'd like to create a directory for my website.


    I want to create a directoy for my website much like the ones you see in the Yellow pages or other directories. I'd like to know how to go about doing this.

    In addition to the directory, I'd like a search feature for it so that visitors don't have to go through pages and pages of lists. I'd love a search feature much like the one on

    For the directory, I'd like to add one entry at a time, because there's no way to do it in masses. Instead of using plain HTML to add the information, I'd like to use some sort of a database to allow me to add information using a WYSIWYG editor or a regular form. It would ask questions such as:

    Business Name
    Additional Notes

    I'd also like a few more things to add, but this is all I can think of for now.

    After completing the form, a submit button would be great so that it immediately goes into the directory.

    Is there a CMS (content management system) or something else that will allow me to create this directory?

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    I wanted to add a few more points.

    The directory is the entire website. There's no other content.

    I'd like a place for advertising, and maybe a few more areas for the website.

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    If you are looking for a pre-built solution, then check out, pretty extensive. If you want to custom build a solution, then I would suggest learning a server side programming language like ASP.NET or even hiring a professional.

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    Google is your friend. Have you tried a google search for this yet?

    There are also many sites that host lists of resources like and You might want to browse through those for a while....

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    Google is your friend. Have you tried a google search for this yet?
    Google is not my friend. Its my best friend. I use it for everything I can possibly think of, and I always recommend Google, but there's one problem in this case: I couldn't think of a search query.

    At one point, I didn't know what a CMS was until someone explained here. I then started doing my own research. I always do my own research but sometimes you need words and names to get you going.

    The thing is that they are scripts. You have to go through them and modify them at your need, and there is no WYSIWYG interface. When you're planning to add 1000s of entries, you can't mess with PHP, ASP, etc., because you have a lot of other things to worry about first.

    I was looking for something more automated that acts like a CMS.

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