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    One where you don't pay monthly?

    does anyone know a payment system where you don't pay monthly?
    and hopefully has a few free transactions (I really need to experiment)
    and maybe one that also supports custom php scripts...

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    Are you looking for a payment processor or a payment gateway or customer management system? Your post seems a little vague on this.
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    payment processor or a payment gateway
    I'm kind of new to this, I can code but I will have to build an e-shop soon

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    It's pretty different things you are talking about. There are two ways to choose: Third party ( you call it processor) or Merchant acc. & payment gateway. It really depends on what your business is like, and where you are based, as merchan acc. may not be acceptable for you. So give us some more info.

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    You may want to start with something like PayPal or 2Checkout - both of which do not have any monthly flat fees, if you are just testing the waters and wanting to experiment with a possible business model. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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    It all depends on where you are based.

    If Paypal can support your country, check them out & maybe 2CO. Also, verify that the products / services you are offering are within 2COs and Paypal's AUP and TOS

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    thanks, I'll look into it all!

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    I can tell you that if you want a merchant account, you will most likely (99.9%) have to pay a monthly fee. If you want a 3rd party service, usually the fees per transaction will be higher, but mostly likely without a monthly fee. But I recommend going with lower fees and paying a monthly fee, as it will help you in the long run.
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