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Thread: Seeking a job

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    Seeking a job

    Hi. I am looking for a job, preferably with a hosting company.

    My Basic skills:

    * HTML + CSS
    * PHP + MySQL
    * cPanel+WHM
    * Script installs & configurations

    I would preferably like work in a Sales/Tech support area, answering tickets, email, support by IM and Chat. I am unable to relocate, so I must work from home.

    If you would like a copy of my CV(resume), email me: [email protected]


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    Do you interesting in doing some online business ?

    I am a supplier from China , looking for a partner in USA .

    Do you interesting in doing bussiness with me ?

    Goal : sell items on ebay , make money .

    we can discuss how to cooperation .

    this is a way we cooperation :

    you list my goods on ebay , reply emails , i ship items to buyers. we can discuss how to receive money , how to assign profit .

    you don't have any risk , you don't need put any fund in business, the only thing you need do is sit before PC , help me how to describe items , reply emails and make money .

    also, if you have any idea, please email me at [email protected] .

    why don't try , you can do all these things at your free time .

    please email me , i really want to find a USA partners.

    my English is not good, but i think i can deal with general communication .

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