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    Arrow All Prices Beaten!! Guaranteed!! Due To Cash Boost

    Hello everyone,

    Excellhosting has had a big cash boost from its CEO so we can guarantee to beat all offers you have been given for webhosting
    and Reseller's.

    **Proof of offer must be supplied (ie..url of company offering)**

    Email, your name, the offer, proof, and we will beat it.

    Excellhosting has been in business for nearly 2 years now
    and its about time we gave something back to the web hosting

    [email protected] - Email here

    Thank you,

    James Deadman
    Sales - Excellhosting

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    Thats backwards.

    Usually its when you NEED a cash boost that you will slash prices.
    Matt Wallis
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    he probably means they were given more money to expand their services and products

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    Sorry if i wasnt clear, mlurey that is correct more money has been put into the company so we can progress further and offer such an offer.

    Thank you.

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    I would hope so...

    I would hope money would be put back into the company. If not, thats not a wise business decision.

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    Can you beat ebay hosting? (ie unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth for $1.99/mo) - Professional Web Hosting Provider since 2002 - Automation Solution for cPanel Hosting! + Illegal File Scanner - Your complete Web Hosting Directory with Hosting/Server Tutorials

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    Haha, awesome...

    Haha, sweet, Id like to have unlimited space / bandwidth for $1.99 monthly... Where do I sign up? (Joke)

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