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    shoutcast + cogent only..... zero buffering?

    If you run shoutcast on a cogent only network... how is the quality?

    Is there any buffering?

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    I think you'll find that that is a very poor question. With anyone to answer that question with any credibility, you would need both origin and termination locations as well as the actual network conditions at that time. Generally speaking, you'll find that if your side of things is in good order (your bandwidth isn't congested, and your server has plenty of extra capacity) that any buffering will be as a result of the end users network connection, independent of where you're streaming from. Residential Cable and DSL systems are notorious for their congestion at peak hours.

    You'll find that Cogent (as with any provider) will be better to certain locations and certain providers than others - but that's just the way it works (and why people multihome).

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    Nope, should be fine

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    Depends on if the "cogent only network" you are hosting with is oversubscribed. Running shoutcast on any "hot" line will cause continual buffering issues.

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    you'll be fine..i use cogent only without any buffering on my radio..

    ps. sometimes cheap bandwidth means GOOD to some of us,
    keep offering it
    el Dutty-Dutty

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