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    UK Dedicated Server provider

    We're looking for a UK dedicated server company with good support and (obviously) good uptime. We are looking to do a global failover solution (via DNS) so that if a server goes down it re-routes to the UK server, but we may also wish to host some specific sites on this server. Appreciate any views and comments about the guys in the UK - mainly interested in them being responsive to support if needed.



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    Catalyst2 thoroughly recommended for dedicated servers.

    Dell servers and heavy investment in a Cisco powered network throughout. Abovenet/Level3/Tiscali transits.

    Support couldn't be much better in my opinion - there's always someone around to chat to even for small things. I think they actually offer 24/7 support for dedicated servers.

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    I'm assuming you realise Round Robin DNS won't necessarily give you failover. Have a look at SimpleFailover at which looks to be a good way of doing this in software and particularly suitable when the servers concerned are in disparate locations.
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    thanks for the link. yeah, we are looking at other options other than just roundrobin, but thanks for the heads up

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    Catalyst2 has super support , had a friend that had a server with them and he said they was just fab

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