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  1. #1 (4 y.o. high-potential Humor Site) for Sale.

    I may sell a high-potential humor site, for the right price. I have no real intentions to sell it, but I need some quick cash, and if I get the right offer, I will consider it. Warning: This is a long-winded post, so please let me know if you have any doubts.

    The website we are talking about is The site is very well established, and over 4 years old now. It is PR 4, and has 500 unique pages of content, although I have never focussed on PR link building until after the last PR update. The site has some good links now. It was only in Aug 2003, the site turned into a full time jokes site. Since then, its been receiving 750 unique visitors daily, on a consistent basis, on weekdays and non-holidays. However, there has always been a characteristic dip on holidays, vacations and weekends (to about 500). That is common for many entertainment sites. Either way, the typical trend is 750 uniques per day. The site gets anywhere between 2,000 and 6,000 impressions per day. Typical monthly average is 140,000.

    More importantly, it has been a consistent money maker, even when you do not touch it! Earnings for the last quarter of 2004 (3 months) was $490, and I neglected the site during those days. ("Do not move a finger and earn money") It gets all its traffic from and E-mails ( is our biggest referrer after FunPageExchange!). I have not bothered advertising ever since I bought the site, and I can tell you that traffic has been very consistent. The site contains almost 300 jokes and pictures, most of which are entered manually. You get content very easily nowadays... There's the 800 one that's available for peanuts, and the 4,500 one, which was sold at SPF a few weeks back for $100. But I'm happy with what the site's got.

    There have been 3 long time sources of revenue for this site till March 2005: Casalemedia, TAFMaster & AdEngage. It was only then I noticed a constant growth, so I decided to push things along. Currently, revenue sources for the site are:

    1) Casalemedia: It is one of the top networks, as you know, and I've been lucky to get into it. They offer great rates, and I am averaging about $4 per day, based on leaderboard, skyscraper, middle rectange and pop under. However, the fill rates are sometimes disappointing, but I haven't yet added default ads. I only ran 1 leaderboard and 1 skyscraper here for a long time, but I am now beginning to work everything together.

    2) AdEngage: Previous earnings have been $36 and $55 for Feb and March. Due to some problems, I didn't use it for April and most of May. I've put it back on, and its earned me $1.8 in the last few days. Its on the leaderboard part of joke pages.

    3) Interclick: Before, this network used to be known as MidADdle, and used to perform tremendously. However, they are having some difficulties now. I am averaging only an average of about $1.2 per day, but I am sure they are working on fixing it soon. Yesterday's earnings were $2.37, though.

    4) Paid Links: With PR 4 and about 500 pages of content (With potential to add much more conent), there's great scope for selling links. There are 2 sites currently from a close acquaintance @ 15 per month each. I have never advertised selling links, but you could possible get about 5-6 @ $10 per month, at least. 100s of links are sold at WHT every week.

    5) E-mail ads: Our "Joke of the Day" newsletter has 7,976 subscribers! Again, I have never formally advertised this. However, a couple of months back, some webmasters on WHT were looking to advertise. They paid me $30 for one week. It was successful for them, so they ran it for the full month, paying $70 more. There's MAJOR potential here, which I was planning to tap in the recent future.

    6) AdSense: To be honest, I run many sites here without channels, so I cannot give an accurate revenue figure. It has been the major earning source for most content sites like this. One indication I can give you is that ever since I added and another site (much smaller, 50 uniques a day), AdSense revenues are up by $5-$8 per day. I cannot guarantee anything here, though.

    7) TAFMaster: The "tell-a-friend" form on all joke pages are controlled by TAFMaster. This really is a bonus earning stream. Average is about $15-20 per month, but it has spiked to $55 in Nov 2004. I've just created a new account under a bonus scheme. So far, its done nothing special.

    8) I put it on a few days back, in a strategic position, right next to the jokes content. Its been very inconsistent. Its earned $6 over the last 7 days.

    Over the last couple of month, I have done a lot of experimentation, tried about 5 more different ad networks; but I think I have come to an optimum now. I know its very confusing, but through a lot of effort, trial and error, I am currently using 8 different streams of revenue, with some, and potentially a few more untapped! To sum it all up, if you have a "don't move a finger type" plan for the site, I think it will make you AT LEAST $200 per month, even if you eliminate a few streams mentioned above. However, if you would like the site to progress and put in some effort, its very difficult to estimate revenue.

    I have done some quick calculations for last month. I used as many as 9 different networks last month (Apr 15 to May 15), making a total of near-about $320. That too, with some of the networks paying rather poorly. To be very honest, I expect the site to touch at least $500 per month by the end of summer. And that's not a very realistic estimate, considering the growth trend of In a worst-case-senario, the website has earned $124 in its worst month, since Oct 2004.

    The most important part of is probably its "Joke of the Day" newsletter, with nearly 8000 subscribers (after discounting the unsubscribers), registered over the years. I've mentioned some of the revenue possibilities above. But it is from this newsletter that many of our visitors click through. Any newsletter sending out 240,000 opt-in e-mails per month is surely worth a lot itself.

    I have given as accurate a picture as possible. I would be grateful if you understand the complexities in compiling a sale report of such a progressive website! If you have any questions, please PM me.


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    I checked out your site and couldn't get out of it fast enough.

    Pop-ups happening everywhere. Ugggh.


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    There's just 1 pop-up on the site, which is a lot cleaner than many other sites of this type.

    The site seem to be loading fine for me. What connection are you using?

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    JOke Site


    How much are you looking for the jesterjokes.

    Please send detailed webstats pleae, i may be interested.



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    Why don't the casale media ads show up, has the site been black listed from them?

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    how much do you want, and detailed stats please///

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    The Casalemedia ads show up fine for me. Please try refreshing.

    I am willing to give out the stats, please contact me in person. However, I must be sure that you would be willing/are able to pay more than $4,000. That is the minimum I am looking for.

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    eh if only this site wasnt so popular and was for sale around 500 dollars Id most definitely buy it =(

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