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    It can't be this hard can it?

    to find a host with good customer service (by phone 24/7) who charges monthly ?

    I'm in the market for 500MB at about $5-$6 per monthly (paid monthly - definately not yearly) to host my two sites?

    any suggestions ??

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    You should always keep in mind that when it comes to hosting, you will receive what you pay for. Too many individuals and businesses today fall into this trap, make an informative decision and always keep in mind that lower prices does not mean better service.

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    I have had good experience with siteground (

    $8 per month for a month-to-month contract, support is top-notch.

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    I agree! You only get what you pay for. Have been down that road a million times! Web Hosts are a dime a dozen! Be careful!

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    You Definatly Get What You Pay For!
    Call me stupid, but I have been with EV1 for quite sometime.

    500MB for free? Hope you don't get too many hits or you'll crash!
    If you have a good site, spend the extra few $$$!
    Going down the Free Hosting or Cheap Hosting Road is a waste.

    Want good customer service? You will need to fork out a bit more money... in my stupid opinion!
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    And real 24/7 phone support (rather than a phone line with an answering machine attached to it) will likely run a bit more than five or six dollars a month.
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    ^ Exactly.

    If you don't mind talking to 'barely trained monkeys' that's one thing, but in our area hiring professional phone support personel working three shifts costs about $12,000/mo. Divide that by the $5/mo you want to pay and it would take over 2400 clients just to pay ONE support tech on every shift. Even paying lower wages and making accounting and administration fill in, it would still take over a thousand $5/mo clients to pay for phone support alone.

    Some of the largest hosts may be able to provide 24/7 phone support at low rates due to sheer volume, but when you look at the numbers you should realize that you will very rarely ever be talking to someone who can actually fix problems unless you're willing to pay quite a bit more.
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    Right, I believe there are hosts that offer 24/7 phone support but then I'd be prepared to pay at least $10/month, on a monthly plan.
    Micfo is one of those. I have an account with them, but frankly I've never talked over the phone with them; I prefer using mail.
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    I don't consider 24x7 phone support to be a priority. Most phone support folks are trained script readers anyhow. I want 24x7 support where if I submit a trouble ticket it is answered quickly and professionally and that is not too hard to find.
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    Me too, never try phone, but my host response ticket within 30 min most cases and solve the problem.

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    I would just add agreement to the number calculations for "live" 24/7 phone support in your price range. It's unrealistic to expect high quality support, especially 24/7 in that range.
    My question would be why your need for 24/7 support as a priority as opposed to price? I can't imagine needing a great deal of support at 3am for a "couple" of web sites @ $6 as far as host support goes, as long as the host is stable, uptime is good, etc. I can't imagine why you would need true 24/7 telephone support.
    (As a host on the other hand I expect the people to be "sleeping in the cages" at the datacenter waiting for anything)
    I see posts like this now & then and always wonder from a web site owner's point of view what type support you would need in the middle of the night that wouldn't be in a knowledge base, video tutorials or whatever, the only thing I can think of would be if you accidentally "trash" your site while working at 3am and need a backup restored but even then if you were prone to that I'd think you would keep a backup on your machine besides your "working" copy.
    Anything else would be things like network or system issues and any good host will be all over those 24/7 because they will be affecting far more than one customer.
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    Telephone support for $5-6? I doubt it.

    Chances are you will either need to increase your budget, or settle for online support (which is usually sufficient for most persons).
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    Re: It can't be this hard can it?

    With those prices it's like you paying for beer and expecting fine wine, It's not going to happen. Dig deep down in those pockets and shell out min 10-15 dollars a month and give hostgator a call.

    Originally posted by bwoy1der
    to find a host with good customer service (by phone 24/7) who charges monthly ?

    I'm in the market for 500MB at about $5-$6 per monthly (paid monthly - definately not yearly) to host my two sites?

    any suggestions ??

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    Finding excellent phone support at only $5-6/month will be hard to find .. and even harder when you ask for 24/7..

    I'd reccomend you depend on online support (submitting tickets and live chats which most companies do have now), or you can be willing to dish out a little more cash.. and you can easily find a company that suits you best with 500mb of space.

    But also, what kind of bandwidth are you talking about here?
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