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    Convert images from realistic to animated

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    not moving animations...just still animations? you lost me. Do you mean like, taking a circle, and moving it around a screen type of "still animations" where the object stays same size/shape, but is just moved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tadevelopers
    I just want photos to be created into animated / cartoony graphics
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    Just still animations, I just want photos that I take to be made into a cartoon-like image instead of a photo-like image.

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    An animation is a moving graphic.

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    Thanks for your two cents, Im not looking for a definition here, Im looking for someone who can do as I asked, create a cartoon-ish image from a picture. Im not really here for a dictionary. If anyone can help me out here, that would be AWESOME.

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    thats done in flash btw

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    you should check out these sites:

    i think that's the kind of things you're looking for.

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    He wants bitmap to cartoonish vector I believe.

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    Why does everyone go out of there way to piss people off? If you read his entire first post and folowed the link you would have understood what he meant.

    "An animation is a moving graphic."

    Was there any need for that comment? We've already established what he wanted. I think krzyxflip hit the nail on the head with those two sites, they're the sites I woud have recommended.

    Good luck with finding someone!

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    thanks mdempsey

    Thanks mdempsey, Im glad some people can understand the obvious, haha.

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