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    Website HEADER/logo needed

    I am looking for a header for my client's website, and since I'm not that good of a graphic artist I thought it would be a much better idea to find one here. And when I say find, I mean if I'm really satisfied with the way the chosen person transfers my client's ideas and requirements into something tangible I will most probably pass some more design work his way.

    Here is what my client needs:

    - A header that will represent the person's good dreams (dream catcher as a symbol here) and his vision for the future (space, stars and a man reaching towards them as a symbol here)
    - Size should be roughly 700x120 pixels (width x height)
    - In the left corner the image of the earth (the top one quarter of it, like an outline), as a starting point of visitor's attention (image is provided below)
    - On the planet itself you should superimpose an image of "dream catcher" (any good sample from google images is fine, as long as you find it easy to work with and it fits the overall style of the header)
    - From the "dream catcher" image (somewhere on the planet) the text "Dream Catchers" (a company name) should flow (a professional and clean font with colour that differentiates it easily from the background) and the whole text should be a bright green colour, contained in that area of earth image (if not possible due to colours and whatnot, it's ok if the text is displayed right beside the earth image, or whatever works best)
    - The final "s" of the text above should extend into the space on the right (black space), sort of as an arrow, a tail with some sort of a visible path, towards the top right corner of the header which should have some stars in there.
    - On the path above there should be a small icon of a man/spaceman with his arms swept back as if flying into space of his own accord

    Other requirements:
    - Colors - black (space), green (something along the #69A118 or brighter), and white
    - Style - clean, professional, corporate and nothing cartoonish
    - Format - preferrably done in Photoshop so the final layers can be easily moved around/changed if need arises
    - Delivery time - 5 days from the day of this posting for me to pick the best representation, and 2-3 days after that for payment transfer and delivery of the design.

    Anyone who applies for this job also must give up any rights to ownership of the header, as you will have no rights over the logo apart from adding it to your portfolio. No copyright or anything else like that, since my client doesn't want to advertise others like that on his site. I think this is fair enough, especially since I will always personally vouch for you, the origin on the design and your copyright, if need arises and if you ask me to.

    If possible, please send me mockups first to make sure if you are on the right track or not. I don't need to see your previous work and portfolios (just yet), no offence, but I really don't care what you have done before if you cannot pull this design off (it will have to be original, yes). However, once I'm satisfied with a few designs I will take a look at your portfolios, since you might be able to get some other work for me done as well.

    Contact me if you have more questions, need some more pointers and guidelines or whatever, or post them in this thread. I really don't need to know your IMs and whatnot, since I don't have time to spend chatting with you on this, so please don't try to waste my time. If you really need to get in touch with me, e-mail me at [email protected]. Good luck.

    P.S. - Please post your quotes for a graphic job like this along with your mockups as well, it will give me a more clear picture of what it is that you expect from me as well. Thanks!

    P.P.S. - Here is the image of earth to be used in this header -->

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