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    Cheap SSL but not Hosting Co linked

    I am looking for cheap SSL solutions for my clients, but hopefully they are neutral and not part of a hosting company/domain registrar.

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    You might want to look into GeoTrust or Thawte's reseller programs.
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    Actually SSL is more about the money guarantee the provider gives.

    So I would say Comodo and Geotrust provides a value for budget SSL certs which are recognised by most web browsers. I think above 98% if I didn't remember wrongly about the figure).

    Or you can try verisign. Think they have a Singapore website which it might be more appropriate for you.

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    We are resellers for and find them very good. They own their own root, so the certificate install is very easy. Their prices are excellent, and they have no links to "other services" that might steal your clients away.

    Be sure to ask them for the html/php code necessary to generate a "Quick Invite".
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