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    Hostik/Lanset's "Uptime Guarantee"

    We've been having network downtime with our new Hostik/Lanset server, so we decided to contact them to find out the procedure for making claims against their uptime guarantee. Here's the frustrating conversation that followed:

    You are now chatting with: 'Wade'
    Wade: Hello Mark A., how may I help you today?
    You: Hi, your site says "99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    Our Uptime Guarantee is very simple. We guarantee that your server will be up and running all the time."
    You: I don't see an SLA which mentions how this is applied. Can you point me to that.
    You: hello?
    Wade: Do you have shared or dedicated service?
    You: dedicated
    Wade: We have 99.9% up time. Over the course of time you do get 99.9% up time.
    You: How does the guarantee work?
    Wade: Hostik is committed to delivering the highest quality service and maximum reliability.
    You: If you're down more than .1%, what happens?
    You: And is that .1% over the year, or over a month, or what?
    Wade: Money Back Guarantee
    You: Is this in writing anywhere?
    You: I don't see anything there except what I quoted above. That page simply states that "your server will be up and running all the time." How do we apply for a service credit, then?
    You: How much money is in your money back guarantee? Do we get a refund for the entire month?
    Wade: What is your domain name?
    You: ********.com
    Wade: Are you requesting a refund?
    You: I don't even know the steps for doing that, because you haven't been able to provide me with that information.
    You: So, not at this time. But I need to know what the process and terms are.
    Wade: If you don't think the service is what you paid for you can request a refund at any time
    You: That would be a refund of the full monthly fee?
    Wade: Or any part there of
    You: And you wouldn't require any proof. So you basically have a full satisfaction guarantee? I can cancel right now and receive a full refund?
    You: Or I can get a full refund without canceling, even.
    Wade: That would have to be given to admin and they would make that call as to what amount would be refunded
    You: Finally, you're starting to give me the information that I asked for.
    You: How do I get this information to "admin"?
    Wade: You can send an email message to [email protected] telling us you would like to cancell and with dedicated servers we want a 30 day notice
    You: So we would need to cancel to get any money back regarding your uptime guarantee?
    Wade: Yes
    You: That's pretty good incentive to cancel then.
    Wade: So send that request in writing.
    You: Is email considered writing, or do you want a fax?
    Wade: Yes
    You: I'm assuming that's to my first question.
    You: Thank you for the very frustrating chat. Good bye.

    You can guess what's next. Yep, canceling.
    -Mark Adams - Secure Michigan web hosting for your business.
    Only host still offering a full money back uptime guarantee and prorated refunds.
    Offering advanced server management and security incident response!

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    read my topic about hostik, they are cheaters, stay away from them.

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    Sounds like Hostik is

    (Just my 0.02 cents)

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