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    Do you/have you had servers at BOTH Rackspace and Liquidweb?

    It is difficult to find many bad things said about either of these companies (on WHT at least).

    But what I am really looking for is feedback from anyone who has (or has had) servers at BOTH of these companies.

    If you have then I would be most interested in the comparison you draw between the two companies.

    If you have only used one company there really is no need to say how happy you are with them. I can find numerous posts of that kind via the search facility.

    So does/has anyone used both companies?

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    We have used rackspace before but anot anymore.

    They had a awesome thing going for them.

    Can't hardly beat getting your own Tech Support person available 24/7. They know your server and its easy to deal with them. Uptime was some of the best I've seen(our stuff never went down) and they have a 1 hour hardware replacement guarantee.

    I would definiately consider them.

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    I am currently using both rackspace and liquid.

    Both are excellent. There is a huge difference in pricing ... especially in relation to bandwidth.

    Have you got quotes from them?

    One big difference is rackspacce doesn't offer cpanel ... only plesk. I think they may host the company that does plesk (not sure though). They do have some big/important customers ... such as WHT.

    Bandwidth is a big issue in the pricing. I think rackspace 'guarantees packet delivery' at a certain level or something .... they claim to have a better network.

    I haven't had a problem with either company (dedicated servers at both). The support at rackspace is a 'team' approach. You get assigned to a team that specializes in your type of system. Part of their pay comes from your reviews of support.

    I have only had to use support a couple times at rackspace. One time was for a hard drive failing. They were very quick to get the new drive in and the server was up almost immediately. They restored from the managed backup and everything was working within aobut 3-4 hours. They phoned me half way through because there was a shift change. The person working on my system phoned and introduced me to the person who was taking over. He then phoned when it was done. I didn't have to lift a finger. It was the most 'pleasant' hard drive failure I have ever had .... lol

    With liquidweb, I haven't had any problems that required tech support. I have put in a couple of trouble tickets on things that were not part of support but they were still quick and friendly ... and gave me solutions (i.e. how to configure an .htaccess file to do something specific) They really take time to setup everything for you when you get a server from them (mine had cpanel all configured ... and backups set for the second drive, etc.)

    Liquid is also very quick to answer the phone (support). I haven't had a 'real' crisis with them yet, so I can't say how they handle themselves under exteme pressure ... but so far so good (about 8 months).

    BTW, I use the servers for website hosting.

    Hope this helps.
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    Very helpful so far. Thanks.

    Anyone else.

    Anyone had experience of LiquidWeb during a real crisis - eg HD failure? How quick/effectively did they respond?

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    I second oshawa. Rackspace is awesome with support, but their pricing is terrible. Their bandwidth pricing is too high for many people. Liquidweb - fine so far, but we too don't have a major crisis to compare. I will watch this thread with interest

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    How can you say their pricing is terrible if they're awesome with support and never suffer downtime? The higher the techs to servers ratio is and the more network infrastructure in place the higher the cost will be...
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.

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    Probably poor choice of wording Probably just meant that it is higher than others for the bandwidth. I'm still with them - and thats because I like to sleep at night.

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