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    Gaim, Trillian, etc....

    I have been using Gaim for many years now. In fact, Iíve been using it since long before version 0.7 (Currently itís on version 1.3.0). Iíve tried Trillian, the latest, and have also used Trillian when at v0.74.

    To be honest though, Iím at a loss. Iíve no idea what I should use. I dislike Trillian, and donít want to use it, however Iím getting tired of Gaim. My main reasons for getting tired of Gaim are itís somewhat slow, and doesnít have all the features available in MSN, ICQ and AIM. And I donít get the feeling itís working properly.

    But I donít want to open up MSN, ICQ and AIM. Not to mention Iím always on multiple MSN, ICQ and AIM accounts.

    So, is there anything else out there, like either Gaim or Trillian, but not either of those two, which allow me to chat on multiple MSN, ICQ and AIM accounts at the same time, has all the features of the proper MSN, ICQ and AIM, as well as having tabbed chatting (not that important though) but (most important) doesnít merge the contacts?


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    Miranda ( and it's souped up cousin, GANT ( The latter comes pre-loaded with a dozen or so plugins and a custom skin.

    For the most functionality you'd have to buy the Pro version of Trillian, though. No other client seems to have implemented so many features across different IM platforms.
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    I like Trillian Basic, works for me!

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    I too use:

    It's not "good looking" but it works a treat
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