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    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to flash, actually started learning a couple days ago. Anywho, I made a flash header for one of my designs, and it looks fine in my FLA but when I export it to SWF, the text on the four bars to the left looks distorted.

    Here is a link:

    Any help would be appriciated,

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    I would use a diff font/ slightly larger, although it is legible its actually pretty amazing if you only learnt a few days ago, my first attempt was 3 balls rolling about :p

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    If i'm not mistaken probably you're using a "fixed pixel font" which only looks good at certain size. Enlarging it might distort it although it's in vector.

    My 2 cents

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    are you using flash mx 2004 pro, try toggling "Alias Text button in the Property inspector"

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    First you don't export a FLA file. FLA file is the source file.
    If you want to modify the SWF file you need to get the FLA
    file(source) make the propers modification before generating
    a new SWF.

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    yeah i agree with marsian, you will need an anti aliased font. maybe your specific font does not handle aliasin very well.

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