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    I'm assuming this site is illegal...

    I won't post the link, but it claims to have OEM software available for download only.

    How can sites like this stay in buisness? It was extremly tempting to do since they whern't giving it away for free, but at a more reasonable price than the official sites...untill I realized that it's probably an illegal site to go to..

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    I get about 10 emails a day offering this junk to me via spam. I would imagine it isn't legal, otherwise they wouldn't be using other illegal methods to contact people.
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    Did the email address match the link? Or was it something like 23424_biff @ It's more than likely spam.

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    Do a search on the forums, there has been a lot lately.
    Tyler Cole
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    Many of these sites use unscrupulous hosts. Some are able to rotate hosts so that they don't stay closed down for long even if a host does pull the plug. The registry data is likely forged, and they often use unscrupulous registrars who don't care. Sometimes their hosting may be paid for with the credit card information obtained from people stupid enough to try to buy the pirated software. There's an old saying, "You can't cheat an honest man." It's not entirely true--there are ways to cheat honest people. But the basic premise is sound. Many people get taken advantage of because of their own dishonesty. These spams work because many people will give their credit card information to those who obviously should never be trusted with that information. All because the customer covets an illegal "bargain".

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    You can always try to report it but as Disgruntled stated - chances are they are being hosted by a company that [u]supports[/i] things like that

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