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    1,198 vs ? vs

    Which one you would go for and why?
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    Both are fairly large and respected companies. I don't have first hand experience of either but I would do a search here on WHT. I've never heard many bad things about .

    You appear to be a long time WHTer so you know the drill with doing your research and finding the one that fits you best.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    I thought you had hosted with us before? .... I could be wrong and admittidly its getting hard to remember whos a customer
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    United hosting - i've heard really great things about them

    Best of luck

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    I can only recommend who I have had accounts with , other than watching Matt post I have no experience with his company , all that being said is very solid .

    * Edit to add why*

    The support , documentation the care they put into the company is great... the up time is wonderful and they offer value added services like the ability to use their Alertra stats vis a script that one of the staff wrote.
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    I've never used United Hosting, but when we originally left Fasthosts a few years ago, together with many other disgruntled Resellers, a few of thsoe Resellers went with UH. We still keep in touch with some of those people that moved to UH and the feedback we get is that UH are an excellent provider with a great infrastructure, good pricing and siperb support.

    From what I've heard firsthand UH is a good bet for anyone who wants Linux hosting.
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