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    Children of Iraq: poem by 7yr old

    Children in Iraq

    Children in Iraq, Children in Iraq
    Our leader and rulers are off the track
    We see your suffering and you're dying
    It brings us pain and lots of crying.

    Have no fear
    Allah is near
    Please have sabr
    dont think of the trouble

    Soon it will be time
    They will pray for their crime
    with the Islamic State
    They will realise thier mistake

    No more crying
    No more dying
    with the flag of Ar-Raya
    making Allah's word higher

    Children in Iraq, children in Iraq
    Once again you will play in the park
    Happiness, joy and laughter
    This will be the final chapter.

    By Islamiyah Hussain
    Age, 7
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    Absolutly Brilliant. Sums it up perfectly. I commend the authour.

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