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    shared hosting website...

    hello to all-)

    i searching to find a host for website that generates about 5000 unique vistors per day with a total bandwith of 30gb per month.

    site is writen in asp with ms access and may be in the fuyure goes to a ms sql database.

    the bagget for this page is a maximum 50$ per month.

    please help me to find a good host, i have already cancel two accounts, one with hostway and one with interland.

    the main reason was that in their shared hosting plans i could not make backups on the database and many others through my custom panel, they wasn`t allow FSO.

    thanks in advance

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    i forgot to say that i already do a research and i m between these two hosts...


    i apreciate any comment about these two or any other suggestion you may have.

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    I like Verio. They are among market leaders. So you might considers going with them.

    All the Best
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    i just find a topic in wht that, a guy saying that verio arent allow writing in custom directories. This is too bad... i need to have writing permitions for many directories to upload files photos, backup databases and more

    i cant post the url of the topic cause i dont have yet 5 posts in the forum (2 left)

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