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    Free Advt Exchange, +3,00,000 Page views a day


    I have a few web sites with a total of 3,00,000 page views a day.

    I would like to exchange banner impressions with other web sites who use phpAdsNew for Advt management.

    For example, if you are interested, i will create a phpAdsNew account with 1000 banner impressions per day for your banner, you will do the same for my banner on your web site.

    1000 is just a number, if you want, we can exchange more banner impressions.

    I prefer phpAdsNew as it will be easy for both parties to have same advt management software running.

    My site provide free hosting, free forum hosting, so all other sites are welcome.



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    Iam interested in this, here is my free web hosting forum gets at least 2500 uniques a month, however i still don't have phpadsnew installed, if its absolutely important to have phpadsnew i might install it, let me know if your interested.
    Btw i wont be putting a banner for free web hosting.

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    phpadsnew will not be a problem, but will be better, so we can both track the impressions and set limits (number of impressions a day).

    I send PM, we can discuss more on IM.

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