Dear WHTers

I have been desperately seeking a partner for some time to join my software projects. I am willing to share details with those who are interested and have time to spend in these projects. Some include, entering into a very competitive but yet profitable software market, someone from outside US will have more advantage according to the low cost work pay rates there, comparing to US.

I require the following

PHP / PERL / C++ , advanced application skills on at least one of these languages
Deep knowledge administering Apache Web Server, MySQL, Ftpd, Mail Servers
General Information about *nix servers and network infrastructure
General Informaton about Internet Protocols, TCP/IP, DNS
General Information about hosting software, industry
18+ college student/graduate
Optional - CSS , graphical design
Optional - Have funds to invest for advertising

You can be working somewhere else part or full time or just be a college student. I just need some one to assign some of his/her freetime.

We can discuss further if you mail / pm or write in this thread.