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Thread: Is VPS better?

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    Is VPS better?


    Currently I have a dedicated server with a very low utilization.
    There are about 125 websites but only consumes 30GB of bandwidth/month.
    Only 4 GB of data on HD.
    Server loads no more than 1 at all times.
    Server specification: Intel P4 2.4 Ghz, 1 GB DDR

    Since it cost me $149.00/month I'd like to move the websites
    to a VPS (VPS cost me only $75/m). VPS specs:
    - Minimum Guaranteed CPU 384 Mhz +
    - Max CPU Burst 11,200 Mhz
    - Memory 1.5 GB Reg ECC DDR
    - 16 GB of space

    The VPS itself is hosted on an Intel Dual Xeon Hyper-threading server
    with 8GB of RAM. Max VPS on 1 server is 10 VPSs.

    Will I notice slower response from the server?
    Or is it better since the server has more memory with better cpu?

    Thanks for any responds.

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    If you load is around 1 it means your P4 is fully loaded. I honestly think downgrading to a VPS will end up with worse performance for you..

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    Take your current 2400Mhz that you're on at load one and make that less than 400Mhz and you're going to have insane loads and a slow VPS.

    You won't notice any performance gain with insane loads no matter how good the hardware behind the VPS is.
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    Im guessing your asking not just for price but also becuase you use so little of your drive space right now. Unfortunately its a total solution you have to balance everything and while your heavily undersold on drive space your processing need could not take the hit. Stick with the dedicated.
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