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    Unique, Blue vBulletin Skin, For Sale! * CHEAP *

    Hey folks,

    My forums just got a new skin, and I am interested in selling it once to someone else to make a bit of cash for the forums.

    I am selling it, with FULL rights, no copyrights to me or anything, I wont ever sell it again, and I have never sold it before. * You may resell and put your own copyright on it if you want to *

    I will sell the blue skin * the first skin you see when you visit * for $74.95. This is made and tested for vBulletin 3.0.7, it should work in 3.5.0 as well.

    I will accept PayPal, or most major credit cards ( processed via ).

    This skin is very highly modified, a few of the modifycations actually require * basic * addition of code to the index.php file, thats about it.

    All images come with FULL PSD including Post Icons and Forum Icons.

    If you are interested, either PM me here, or send an E-Mail to [email protected]

    I have a verified PayPal Business account and I can offer both RAR/ZIP archives for this file.

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    Off topic, but damn, I cannot wait for SGA to come back. Its only a few weeks away.

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    Best of luck.

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