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    Strange Google SEO Problem, Help!

    I have a strange problem and I not sure what to do about it.

    I have a dual market focus, so I have domains for both markets. They are and These also happen to be my key words of choice.

    When I first launched, I was on page 1 of google for these search terms, but after the dance, I disappeared. 20 pages of searching and I was nowhere to be found. Ok, I just need to work on my links back. I've been doing that.

    Here is where things get strange. I am finally on page 2 for Clan Web Hosting, but it's not me. It's my order form, which happens to use my main SSL under a completely different URL. The only way to get to that URL is through the names above. CRAP!

    Here is what I think is happening. Because both domains point to the same site, I am being penalized somehow by Googles Algorithm. It only makes sense to me that a page that is only linked from the main site is showing up higher than the main site because of something happening to the main site during the ranking.

    Am I on the right path?

    If so, how do I fix this? It's really important for me to get onto page one. If I was to duplicate the site and only use the Domain name appropriate to that site and not link them together, would that fix my google problem? Would linking to each other cause the same problem?I really don't want to make a completely new site, but I can separate them and market them separately with just a few changes.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it. I am working on my SEO project sites, but I gotta fix the main sites before launching them.

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    Google would prefer if they had separate content, so that would probably help you out. I'd recommend posting your question on the SEOChat forums, where there are more people experienced in SEO and should be able to assist you better.
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    Creating mirrors will have the same effect as just pointing the domains to the same page. It might even penalize you further as Google seems not to like mirrors, especially if by any chance they are in the same IP block (or address). Work up some unique content for the second index page and then peprhaps a layer or two down have the sites reconverge. A trip to some more SEO experienced would be good too, as indicated by HostingInsider.
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    Duplicate Content

    I looked at your sites and both are exactly the same... so Google has penalized you for breaking their "duplicate content" rules. This is why your order page ranks well... it is on a different domain and is not duplicated. If you must keep both domains, then make sure they are on a different IP and make them significantly different from each other, most of all the text and layout. Just give them both different content, that way you'll have a chance at good rankings for both sites. Also, make sure they have some incoming links that are not duplicated.

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    Thanks for the help. Yea, I used a CNAME on one domain to point it to the other. I'm really not trying to cheat google. It just happened to be my market focus was split.

    I wanted to make sure I was clear on one thing. They can share some incoming links, but should have some unique. I think the other ideas I am working on will take care of that.



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