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    Photo Posting Gallery Question


    I was wondering, how would I go about creating a photo sharing for my site visitors? I want to make it where they can take their pictures and post on my site for others to see. I really don't want to use a free service as I do want it to match the site layout and look professional. If anyone knows of a way to do this, please let me know. I am totally new to PHP, but am looking to learn it the best way possible, so next time someone asks me I can help them like hopefully someone will help me.

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    woah, you want to look professional and asked for someone to help you?

    if you don't want to use a free one, then you must learn. One of many ways to learn is to use free one. Hence, one

    anyway, few things you should learn on your own:

    function dealing with File
    functions dealing with Image.

    Learn more about database.

    That's all I could help you

    go to:

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