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    Prediction on .eu Domains

    I've looked through the past 4 pages in this forum and haven't seen this mentioned so forgive me if it has.

    With the release date getting relatively close now (supposedly) a majority of registrars are allowing people to pre-register domain names. Although none can actually guarentee they'll acquire them, nearly all popular ones are taken.

    What i'm wondering is whether people think .eu domains will be worth a lot once they are released (rare / premium ones, e.g. Will their value increase a lot after a few years or will they have the same sort of value as .info domains names etc.
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    I doubt anyone can predict it. It is like you have stocks of company A and asking if the price will raise in the future or be same like company B.
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    Obviously they will have a higher, much higher value than *.info domains, this is the European Union we're talking about.
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    Its a while off yet and nobody should be taking pre-registrations.

    This month registrars can get accreditation.

    The automation to register .eu domains (for use by registrars) isnt finished yet.

    It wont be until OCTOBER at the earliest that registrations will be allowed... and even then this will be a sunrise period where only trademark/copyright names will be able to apply for .eu domains.

    Your looking at early 2006 before you can register any old .eu domain name.
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