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    * Seagate NASRaQ (Cobalt RaQ2) larger drive??


    I am very new to the Cobalt RaQ (I have a seagate NASRaQ) it doesn't work (I will fix, hobby) Does anyone know if I can put larger drives into it, it now as two 30gig seagate drives ATA-66 (I think), can I put 160-300gig drives into here? I have downloaded the RaQ2 OS from SUN and created a load disk.

    also can you all suggest what else I should load into here?

    I am going to use this as a NAS mostly, and play around with the server, and web hosting part.

    what do all of you think?



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    The NASRaQ is no webserver.

    I doubt you can use much larger drives than 30 GB. I suppose
    it only supports LBA24, just like the RaQ 3/4.

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    That NASRaQ is based on the RaQ 2, a MIPS CPU machine. Rebuilding it with the RaQ 2 OSRCD will give you a RaQ 2.

    I don't recall what the hard drive size limitations are, but without an upgrade to a newer OS (like NetBSD), you will be limited.

    Definitely not 300 GB; I don't think any Cobalt appliance will take a drive that large. - LAMP and LAMP+SSL HowTo - Cobalt FAQs and HowTos

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