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    domain alias and email

    i've this customer with unquie domain alias and email problem. below is what he email me. if someone know how to fix this, please help.

    "we have 1 domain that is on the server
    we have 2 other domains and that we want to point to
    that part works fine (this is done by setting up domain alias via Helm)

    we have 1 mailbox for which is a catchall one.
    this works, no problem.

    i need email to be received for [email protected] and [email protected] to go into the [email protected] mailbox
    or 3 seperate mailboxes for each catchall account

    part of the problem is in helm if the the domain name already exists on the system you can't create a domain aliases for it, so you can't setup forwarders for the email
    or catchall mailboxes

    i have telneted to and and they are alive and do accept mail for both domains but i don't know what happens to it "

    i've never encounter this kind of problem before. if anyone know how to do this or what the heck he is talking about. please help me out.


    p.s. all domains have been replace with fake or i hope it's fake domains. unless someone really do own

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    Are you using a control panel on your server? If so, which one?

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    Helm. i contact Helm and their support tell me to manually create the other two email account on MailEnable Standard. i guess i will try that.

    i've never encounter setup like this before so it throw me off a bit.

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