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    Question Sales Leads for NEW Local Businesses--Where to find?

    A former client from a few years ago made a great living selling merchant accounts and card processing equipment to new local busineses. He is a former client, as he kept "forgetting" to pay for hosting.

    Every day, he would receive a listing of new local businesses that had just filed for a business license. He had all the sales leads first. He even dropped us a few. He kept his source very private, but let it slip that anyone could find these. Years ago, he offered to show me how, in exchange for website development and hosting. I was angry because he owed us quite a bit of money, and so turned him down. He is still very successful. Now, I don't know how he did it, as I have never been able to get anyone in the local courthouse or tax office to cooperate or give information.

    Is there a local/state entity (we are in Texas), or software that can be bought, etc. that can deliver these local leads to me?

    Going out of business in our 10th year.

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    I have been looking for the same thing for Las Vegas, NV. I know that if I go down to the county building every day I can get a list... (but who has that type of time).

    I would love to find a service, whom I can pay a monthly fee to for this info.

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    A business filing for a license / entity / whatever is public information. I know that I can go down to my town hall and get a list of all new businesses in my town. Every quarter, all new businesses are published in our town newspaper.

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    In larger cities, they usually have a Business Weekly which will publish all of the incorporations and new business licenses for the region. See if there is one in your area.
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    Interesting... if anyone knows how to find these in Canada as well, that would be real nice.

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    I found this on google, maybe its what your looking for:, but I haven't used them before, so let us know how it goes ^^

    Edit: They have a PR of 7, so that might be a good sign.
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    Look through your local paper as the notices need to be printed. Look under the Legal Notices section and you should find a few. However, I've been told (by someone in the County office) that I can just walk into the county office that handles the registrations and I can look through the stack of filed notices if I wanted to. This is for the Doing Business As filings.

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