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Thread: C++ & Linux

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    C++ & Linux

    I'm looking for a user manual to start programming in C++ over Linux (I'm windows programmer in 4 languages at this moment) but I cant find any "clear" at google/linux, so does anyone have any suggestions? some URL to check out?

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    It all depends what you are going to program. C++ on linux is the same as C++ on any other system, as far as pure C++ goes. When it comes to making windowed applications, you have freedom as to what you want to do. You could use GTK, KDE, plain X, main different ways to program GUI's. Also, it is more standard to use c in linux, as opposed to c++, but it is by no means required or easier.
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    As mfonda said, programming C++ is pretty much the same, different libraries of course and no MFC's If you need an actual manual I'd check the O'Reilly website. They usually have a plethora of stuff to choose from.
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    Thank you all guys! I have found very useful and clear tutorials here:

    So now I'm gonna start working with C++ over linux to translate an Iptables firewall I made. I think by this way it will work faster.

    Thanks for your responses;


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