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Thread: C++ & Linux

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    C++ & Linux

    I'm looking for a user manual to start programming in C++ over Linux (I'm windows programmer in 4 languages at this moment) but I cant find any "clear" at google/linux, so does anyone have any suggestions? some URL to check out?

    Thanks for your responses;


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    hai luciano,

    "Advance Linux Programming" is the best book, even its name is Advance linux programming but its equally good for beginers.

    Here it's the good link for ur details....

    Here is the link for tutorials on C++

    If u understand C++ Then u will understand Linux C++
    There is no much diffrence here.

    For more details plz check out these following links:

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    And dont forget to learn about gcc too
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    hi Brightadmin

    That is EXACTLY what I need!!, thanks you very much!

    I'm downloading this tutorials right now to start studying. I need to translate one firewall I made in iptables to C, It should work faster running as a compiled program.

    So, thanks for your help again;


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    Here is a book I referenced when doing some socket programming (c++ / Linux)

    Also take a look at these very useful library/framework
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    Thanks datums!, I finally found what I was looking for here:



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