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    Advice On Dedicated

    Hey Folks,
    Me and a partner are currently searching for a dedicated box. We are willing to spend $50 each a month - so $100 in total, pref less! Heh.
    Here is what we are looking for:

    cPanel, WHM, Fantastico
    80GB HD - at least
    1000GB BW - at least
    1024MB RAM
    100MBS Uplink Port Speed

    Please post any offers or advice you may have for us. Please note our budget is $100/Month. So please do not post over this!

    Many Thanks,

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    Consider &
    I think that you won't find any lower.

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    Thanks guys

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    Self-Promotion? I have nothing to do with the company I am offering to him, I am not part of it in any way, I am only friends with the guy and I know he has very good servers and so I am helping sammy out. Once again, I am not selling him one of my servers, nor do I have anything to do with the servers I am offering him, I do not get money out of this at all. I would delete my post to be on the safe side but I cant anymore Admin please delete it if is against the rules.
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