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    FeXBoards - (Members: 1,163 - Posts: 65,878)


    Age of site (months): 36

    Avg. monthly revenue: 0

    Revenue details:
    Only recent installed Adsense onto the forums so no real data to give out.

    Avg. monthly pageviews: Currently not able to determine

    Traffic details:
    Since FeXBoards has now just been brought back this month I only have last months and the current months traffic stats which can be found here;

    April Uniques: 160
    April Pageviews: 7268
    May Uniques: 1328
    May Pageviews: 93413

    FeXBoards is a web designers community where users can submit their work and have it reviewed and critiqued by other designers. Graphics battles are started all the time where one user battles another to see who has better graphical skills. We also have coding forums, general help forums and a general community section; chat, introductions and so on.

    FeXBoards has been around since 2002 however it went offline in December 2003. It's now been brought back in May of 2005 and already there's a huge surge of re-activity from old members and new members are signing up all the time. With little work, that's already in the planning; articles, tutorials, store etc this could turn into a lucrative and highly active community in no time whatsoever.

    What comes with the Sale:

    Domain Name - (NameCheap) - expires 2008
    Forum database
    Design you see on the forum right now
    Lite design -
    Three highly intense skins, viewable - -

    Price: 500

    Is an auction? Yes

    Auction ends: Highest Bid

    Indexed Pages (Google): 925

    Indexed Pages (Yahoo): 1,130
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    With the 1100+ members, how many have joined since the May relaunch?

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    Re: Interested

    Originally posted by lynette11
    With the 1100+ members, how many have joined since the May relaunch?

    45 new registrations.
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    Did you sell this yet? What is your highest bid so far?
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    Current bid is at $800.
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    I am waiting for you to come on MSN so we can talk. But for now, can you explain the skin issue here:

    Are those skins coded and do they have exclusive rights? Are the designed by tags required?
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    Waiting for you to come on MSN.
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    Still available.
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    the forum will not be coming with the 1st of the 3 "highly intense skins" (design1.gif). be aware that it has exlusive rights and any usage of it would be in the act of stealing it.

    I wrote Chris about this issue and he has not responded to me on 2 occasions.
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    Thread closed by request of Chris
    James Chillman -UK Backup Limited Online Backup Offsite Backup, Backup Software
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