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    'Da Vinci Code' Film Barred from Shooting in Abbey

    Personally, I didn't even know they were bringing out a film but now I am delighted that they are - the book was exceptional. However, it does disaapoint me somewhat that they were disallowed from filming in the abbey.

    The fully story here:,00.html

    And for proof of evidence


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    Instead of claiming religious reasons they should have stated preservation reasons. Many older churches and historical building do not allow photos and videos of any kind.

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    I thought the book was kind of like a bad clive cussler/james bond thing. I prefer things that actually are somewhat real, or at least don't make completely horrible connections. I.e. James Michener, John Irving, etc.

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    I don't think Dan Brown is the greatest writer, but I must admit that his story was rather intriguing, if only for its entertainment and philosophical value, as well as providing a rather interesting alternate view on how things *could* have occurred (almost impossibly, mind you).

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    If I ever find myself in the mood for an adventurous potboiler novel, "The DaVinci Code" will be the first one I select from the rack in the grocery store checkout line (when it makes its way there, of course).

    As for the filmmakers not being allowed to film in Westminster Abbey, it makes perfect sense to me.

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