June 1, 2005


HostingDiscussion.com will give away over $3,000 in prizes

Montreal, Canada, June 1, 2005 – Third largest independent web hosting forum on the Internet HostingDiscussion.com (http://www.hostingdiscussion.com) will award its most valuable members of the year 2005 with over $3,000 in prizes.

Up to five lucky winners, as decided by community leaders (administrators, moderators and professional advisors), will share a pool of amazing prizes of over $3,000 value at the end of 2005. Prizes include cash, services and products from well established Internet companies, including HostingDiscussion.com.

The 2005 “End-of-Year Most Valuable Member” contest will be the biggest contest HostingDiscussion.com has ever run. Its representatives say it is not a conventional contest found on many other forums where members compete based on the number of posts they make. This one is content-driven.

Person who showcases true web hosting industry knowledge, who is able to help and assist other members, and who actively participates in non-commercial discussions – becomes a qualified nominee. There is bare minimum amount of posts one should make in order to be considered for a prize, but organizers say it is not as important as the quality of thought as well as advice and direction one puts in those posts.

Winners will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts on December 31, 2005 on HostingDiscussion.com web site.

Contest prizes and rules:

About HostingDiscussion.com:

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