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    Enterprise Upgrade

    I just upgraded to windows enterprise after having suse 9.2 on and server 2003 standard on a weired dual boot using grub, my question is, although server 2003 standard and enterprise 2003 no list at start up (count down) which i disabled and had it to boot straight to enterprise and selected enterprise as my default OS, will after a crash/ force reboot it somehow go back to standard as the default OS this happened to my laptop after an xp upgrade from 2000, sorry for the vast ammount of questions

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    If you are using the standard windows bootloader then the default OS selected will remain in effect even after a crash.

    If it dual boots Server2003 Std. and Ent. the question really is why include enterprise. If it has more than 4 processors Standard is useless, if it has 4 or less Enterprise is unneeded. Or are you doing large scale clustering?
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