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    * Need help Resellerworks DED Server

    Hi everyone on WHT,

    I have purchased a dedicated server from Resellerworkz/Hostworkz and their support and advice has been excellant and quick to every question I have posed to them.

    My problem is that on a lot of areas I only have the very basic of knowledge so I have come here hoping that someone help me on the following matters.

    I have a linux based server running CentOS & using Cpanel/WHM

    1. I have registred my nameservers and I have changed the DNS settings for all of my clients domains to my company nameservers (in typical format &

    This is great as I can see all of my sites.

    The problem is that with the individual domains do I also need to changed the other variables such as ftp, SMTP, etc to point to my dedicated server IP or do I just leave them as they are?

    The reason I ask this is because on some I have changed all the settings to point to my dedicated server and on other domains I have left alone the Zone data. Either way I am still able to ftp to my dedicated server whether I change other zone data

    2. I also cannot access any mail on any domain. I know the MX entry for my company from WHM is Do I have to create this MX entry with the Zone manager of my domains control panel in order to recieve mail?

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    Janos - Open a ticket with our support crew and a tech will assist you. That's what we are here for.
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    Thank you for that.

    I didn't open a ticket regarding this matter as I wasnt too sure if I was making sense.

    I will open a ticket

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