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    Advertise on your clients websites

    Anyone aware of any type of coding or script that you can add or change in a cPanel server so any website on or added to that server will display either text advertisements at the top of the website or a banner?

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    I think you can do this in cpanel... in the themes maybe? Im not really good at cpanel but there is a way, i cant remeber.

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    Try to look for mod_layout.

    mod_layout is an Apache module that provides both a Footer and Header directive to automagically include output from other URIs at the beginning and ending of a Web page. It can be used to wrap documents for a standard look and feel for a site (or to insert banners on any given document in a site).
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    You might have some better luck over at as well.

    I have never done it via CPanel but on directadmin there is a template used for the virtual host settings on every account created. Here are the basic steps I followed:

    1. Install mod_layout
    2. Install PhpAdsNew (makes handling ads easier IMHO).
    3. Create a html file wherever you want with the ad code in it.
    4. Write the directive to add the code from the html file to the head of each website and include layoutmerge as well.
    5. Add that directive to the template file for new accounts.
    6. Sit back and enjoy, just know there are several work-arounds people use.
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