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    Hey mates!
    I am working on my new hosting companies website and I have run into a bit of trouble with a javascript code link. What I am trying to do is create a link which will open up a popup window showing a baisc page with all the packages listen in comparison.

    I have created a blank .html page with the packages and named it paidplans.html

    Heres the code I put into the "Link" box in Dreamweaver MX 2004.
    <a href="javascript:popUp('')">Click here</a>
    *thats how the code looked when I pasted it in the link box but in the box obviously its one long line of code, but when I copied and pasted hat code here, it showed up the way I originally pasted it.

    However when I upload the page and click the link, this is what I get..
    Any idea whats going on?


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    first you have a space between java and script in "java script:....".

    It would be nice to have a look at you script, if you can give us a link to this very page.

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    lmao. You wouldnt do the javascript in the href part.

    Your tag should look like this.

    <a href="#" OnClick="popUp('')">My Link</a>

    And if you want you can even do this for the status window below. So users dont see the url as # (normally a indicator for pages under construction)

    <a href="#" OnClick="popUp('')" OnMouseOver="window.status('My Status'); return true;" OnMouseOut="window.status(''); return true;">My Link</a>

    This all is, of course, assuming you have a function named popUp in your javascript that will open a new window. Otherwise, youll use; instead of "popUp" ... someone more fluent in javascript will probably correct me, but I believe those are the right commands.

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