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    Question Need to move to VPS, suggestions?

    I currently am using a 1and1 developer account with 4 gigs of storage ($19.99) and am quickly approaching the space limit. I have a photography business and put all photographs of studio sittings and weddings in online private galleries for one year (with watermarks of course) for customers to view and order prints. Nothing high load and low traffic, just need lots of disk space. I like the simplicity and security of 1and1 because I only use php and mysql.

    I need a simple, reliable, reputable, well MANAGED VPS with 10 gigs of storage or more, looking for $30-$50 a month. I've looked in the ads forum here but am scared of some kid in a dorm room spilling beer on my server.

    Can anyone reccomend such and any links to reviews etc..

    Thanks a lot,

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    Do you have any experience with Linux and SSH or are you willing to spend time (lots at first) to learn? If neither of those, upgrade your account at 1and1.

    Even a managed VPS needs management, you will have to tell what needs updating (even if you ask your company for help) and setup of WHM/cPanel. It can be overwealming at first, even when you get something managed.

    Anyway, my recommendation would be PowerVPS but make sure that you're ready first.

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    Thanks Lev, I am ready for a VPS, and have a good hosting knowledgable friend to help me should I need.

    I believe I have narrowed it down to two, and need some input:

    LiquidWeb: leaning towards because I could use the extra 10 gigs someday, and they have a $10 off coupon it looks like.

    PowerVPS: Good pricing and many recommendations on this forum.

    Which of these is better managed, and what pro's / con's between them?

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    Try PowerVPS or LiquidWeb - both are very reputable and offer server management, that's why I switched to them. I have accounts with both (PowerVPS 2 months, LW 1 month) and so far so good.

    PowerVPS has a package that would be perfect for you. LiquidWeb had an offer that would allow you to grow but was the high end of your price range, otherwise it is slightly over.

    *EDIT* You posted as I was typing. But I think you will be fine with either one. I have had more experience with PowerVPS support and have been impressed. I just haven't needed to ask for much help from LW yet.
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    I think I am going to go with LiquidWebs $60 package - $10 coupon. Anybody else have any other input? Can someone else at least say a good thing about them?


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    I have used powervps and also vaserv - both are good. Rus at vaserv has been doing vps for years and offers very good support. He has gone above and beyond with me for years with managed support. He also has a pretty sweet deal in vps offers right now
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    thanks, I signed up for liquidweb last night, am just waiting for it to now be set up

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