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    Private Label Miva Reseller?

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know of a private label reseller that supports Miva and also can provide end-user tech support?

    (Support meaning actually knowing Miva Merchant, how it works, how to setup modules and payment systems, etc... not simply having the software installed.)


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    That sounds like a pretty niche market. I have never come across anyone that has offered this. I would suggest doing a google search and maybe even contacting those that offer miva merchant and see whether they'd be interested in working on a deal with you to provide end user support.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    IMHO, DIYHosting (or possibly any H-Sphere reseller) might be able to do it. DIY Hosting's staff is usually pretty competent about most things that come within H-Sphere and if they don't, they learn quick

    Might want to drop them an e-mail and ask to be sure
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