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Thread: Godaddy Hosting

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    Godaddy Hosting

    What do you think about Godaddy Hosting? Any have experiences with Godaddy hosting?

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    Like with any other host, you should read the fine print.
    See here:

    If the web closed at midnight, what would YOU do?

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    GoDaddy Hosting

    I would suggest trying to stay away from the 'all-in-one' solutions. Also, the budget hosting providers are not always the best, and GoDaddy almost falls into that category. Im not 100% sure how their support ranks, but I know a few people who did not have good luck with GoDaddy web hosting support, but that could happen with anyone.
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    They Do...

    My apologizes, I would say GoDaddy DOES fall into the 'Budget Hosting' category ($3.95 for 25GB bandwidth, haha), a LOT of people do not have good experiences with budget hosting providers. Also, their add-on prices are horribly expensive (dedicated IP, SSL, web stats, etc). You dont find many hosts these days that DONT offer free web stats and free shared SSL anymore, yet GoDaddy makes you pay for it.

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    Fine print?

    Originally posted by LadyHost
    Like with any other host, you should read the fine print.
    See here:

    What fine print are you trying to show me?

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    I went to:

    And then I selected Option 2: Build Your Own Virtual Dedicated Server

    And then I "built" (test) my own server:

    10 GB disk space + 500 GB bandwidth + Plesk Control Panel 30 Domains - Add $4.95 + Plesk Pack Deluxe - Add $4.95
    Includes SpamAssassin, Tomcat, and Application Pack + BEST VALUE! Buy 12 months - SAVE 20%* = $35.88.

    So I got all that for $35.88 a month for 10+500 GB.

    Right now I'm paying $99 for 10+100 GB formula.

    GoDaddy is a fast rising registrar and Hosting companies also becoming registrars (vice versa).

    10+500+add-ons that is all I will need. What extras are you talking about? I'd like to hear from companies/individuals who have hosted at GoDaddy. Naturally hosting providers will not have a good opinion on a competing host.

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    If you look at the shared hosting packages, they charge an extra $1.95 a month for web stats, and they mention nothing of free shared SSL, only the $29.95+ for your own SSL. Not to mention that their web hosting packages are *extremely* oversold, possibly worse than other budget hosting companies. ALSO, just because their prices are good doesnt mean the quality is gonna be as good. We all know the saying 'quality is better than quanitity', and we all know its true.

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    One thing about - you can most defiantly trust them.

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    GoDaddy is great (in my experience) for domain registration. However, for web hosting, I would not recommend going with them. Besides, they're fairly new at offering shared/dedicated hosting. Use the host quote or browse some well known shared hosting providers here on WHT in the advertising forums.
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    All i can say is they take the O out of the word overselling
    2000MB/10000Gb BW for 10 bucks
    Get real

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    Who is offering 2GB space and 10,000GB bandwidth? Thats 10 terabytes of bandwidth!

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    Godaddy is pretty new to the hosting game but they seem to be doing well. They have quite a bit of resources to pump into it so I would assume they are attempting to do it right. Not a small, fly-by-night company.

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    $7.96/mo(1 year) 2GB space/200GB Data Transfer, ASP.NET + SQL Server 2000.

    I say it's a good deal for most webmasters. The most importance thing is that GoDaddy is well established company, not like some small web hosts may suddenly disappear tmr.
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    Actually not to down them but Ive heard a lot more negative comments about their services than positive but having never used them myself Im not exactly in position to offer my own opinion. I would do a few searches specifically for godaddy hosting comments on this board and google to see what you come up with.
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    I can chime in about their support being one of the worst in the industry. They seem to rely on sending canned responses, and will not give out complete information. One of my ex customers is finding that out, unfortunately. With them, you TRULY get what you pay for.
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    Re: Fine print?

    Originally posted by tryingtodobusines
    What fine print are you trying to show me?
    Sorry I was in a rush but I wanted to answer you.
    My point is that if you read what is included in all the different packages, you'll see that you're not getting a whole lot without paying extra....and overall it doesn't even compare to most hosting packages you see on WHT.

    Hope that's clearer.

    If the web closed at midnight, what would YOU do?

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