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    Dedicated Staff from HS and A247

    Available 24x7 is going to reopen HiddenStaff with a new purpose.

    We have had serveral people come to Available 24x7 for support solutions and the one question that we get asked alot is if we provided a dedicated staff that would work on a low per hour rate.

    The answer was always not at the moment.

    I am proud to announce, however, that then name and site, HiddenStaff will be revamped to offer such a service.

    It will provide companies with a low cost solution for hiring their very own support technicians / customer service representatives at a low hourly rate.

    Staff will be limited to a set number of clients/servers so their response times remain low and they can concentrate on the companies they are working for.

    I look forward to bringing this solution to the industry and hope to hear from you all about this new project.

    Thank you all for your time.

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    Nice to see things on the up

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    Yes things are going well and we look to continue providing solutions that work.

    Thank You.

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