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    [Request] Hosting directory script less than $90

    I need Hosting directory script with features :

    - Hosting directory with unlimited categories & sub categories
    - Member registration to add their company for free
    - several level of membership, ex: free, basic & premium
    - no need to integrate with any payment prosesor, offline payment would be enought
    - Banner advertisement
    - Rating & review hosting by member or visitor
    - News management
    - Wysiwyg editor

    mostly almost the same features as hosting directory at

    If someone can help me to make that script & integrate into myself designed template, please PM me, I can pay by Credit card only (not paypal) less than $90 (sorry I have tight budget)

    If you have suggestion of software that I might be able to use, please post it here.

    Thank you.

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    I'm willing to do it within two weeks provided you pay through

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    Originally posted by parritler
    I'm willing to do it within two weeks provided you pay through
    How much your rate for that kind of script?

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    You could check this out:

    I think it does what you want.


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    l0ck_up, like you said, 90$

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