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    does anyone know if their $10 off offer is still available?

    and a few questions to those who are knowledgeable:

    i am doing some research right now on VPS, and so far i am leaning towards liquidweb.. it seems to be a good solutioin according to these forum, and its managed, which will help me for sure...

    i am currently on a reseller plan with hostgator.. i need to get away from them, as their server keeps going down, and ive had just about enough.. i am looking into VPS, however as a hosting provider, i have clients and i need to make sure they will have access to their own cpanel.. does the vps that liquidweb provides include this option as most reseller hosting does? or do i have to pay for additional licensing of some sort? or does the cpanel that comes with the vps allow my clients to log in with their username and pass to access their features??

    I am relatively new to vps, so i am just trying to understand a bit more how it works..

    also, can anyone confirm with me that if i make complete backups of my clients sites (whm and cpanel), and then restore them on the new vps, that it will include and save all mysql database and usernames and passwords in there?? meaning, will i have to contact each client and ask them to reconfigure their mysql databases and usernames and passwords... or will the backups i do provide this for me...



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    Yes - a full backup will save your sql database usernames and passwords as well as content.

    Just a note that it isn't always failsafe but to have your new provider import the content on your behalf shouldn't be an issue.

    (You should always keep multiple backups though)
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    If you are using whm/cpanel, when you move from reseller to VPS, you gain more control in whm.

    If you backup an account in whm, you can restore it in another VPS running whm. But I'm not sure as a reseller you have access to that option in whm. I remember I didn't.

    I've just started to use their VPS. Generally speaking it's good.

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    With vps and whm/cpanel you should have full root access so you could perform and restore backups.
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    I like LiquidWeb too, but Servint's reviews seem better to me at the moment.
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    Re: LiquidWeb

    Originally posted by vesign
    does anyone know if their $10 off offer is still available?
    i sent the same question to their sales yesterday. and got the answer after less than an hour, the answer is:
    This offer is currently expired but we may be extending it in the near future
    if Zac has not already said so on WHT.

    and i just see:

    Zac said:
    This offer is now valid again, and has been extended throughout June!
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    I don't have VPS with Liquidweb, but I do have a full dedicated with them that has been running absolutely fine - took three slashdottings within 10 days in March but performance was still fine. Good support, too. No complaints whatsoever.

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    I just moved from a hostgator reseller account to a liquidweb vps. The WHM that you have with the vps is much more powerful than the reseller WHM. You are able to copy complete accounts as long as they are under 250 meg. with a single click. It moved everything including webmail, forums, everything. It wouldn't move the site that was the main hostgator reseller account (not sure why). So I moved it by hand. I can honestly say that I am impressed with LiquidWeb support whether it be phone or email, very quick and knowlegeable both phone and email.

    I am glad I made the switch.
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