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    Where did Lypha com go?

    Is it me, or did their webserver disappear? I try to go to www dot lypha dot com and my browser says it cannot connect. (sorry to post it this way, but I cannot post a link

    I have several domains hosted with them, but it concerns me that I can no longer find their web page.

    If you can see their web page, can you find their contact info for me?

    If you cannot get to their web page, does anyone know what happened to them?

    My domains that I host on them work, so it confuses me that I can't see their website.

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    Yeah i can get on it fine, They havent got a email listed its all scripts to contact except ICQ.
    242559147 If you use ICQ theres one that is currently online.

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    Web site works for me.

    Phone numbers:
    US: 206-600-6855 (voicebox)
    Australia: 073-009-0517 (phone/fax)

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    I can access the site just fine

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    You can always try using to see if a site is accessible in other parts of the world.

    Here (in Romania, Eastern Europe) works just fine at this point in time.

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    Here (in Sweden, Western Europe) the site works fine - including their popup (which I blocked hehe).
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