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    hey Julie,

    There are a few things missing from a buyers perspective (at least in mine):

    Is a control panel included in there? CPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin? How much are they, how many domains in the case of Plesk, etc.

    How fast is the connection? Do you guarantee a minimum datarate, a minimum RAM? Is it burstable?

    What are the specs on tha server? Are you using Virtuozzo? What's the aproximate computing power corresponding to the VPS? (i.e. 300 mhz PII, etc).

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    ^^ same questions, interested in this offer - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    Same question here.....

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    For the server itself it comes without any control Panel but C-Panel is $15/mo and we can do DA at $10/mo. The host machie is on a 10 mbit connection and each person will get 1mbit of bandwidth guarteneed. 100Mb or so RAM is allocated to you as is burstaable to whatever is free.

    It will be around the 300Mhz mark and again burstable

    J - Hosting with Integrity

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